A perspective of the decade passed by.

The very thought of writing about the decade brought a question mark to my mind. The first three days of the #decadebloghop and even while writing the rough draft something echoed repeatedly.
 'What did I do that is worth looking back down memory lane?
Answering this was more challenging than writing it as a post. I know this sounds funny but this is the unshakable truth. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for time-travel with me.

2009&10: The most important decision was about to turn my life around when I bought my ticket to Chennai. This city nurtured me from being a tiny sapling to a plant again welcomed me back after two years with my dad's support. I started pursuing my food and process engineering and each day meant a new experience with an interesting mix of classmates from different parts of the country. Apart from the fact that beingback in Chennai brought me happiness, the college and its exposure gave me confidence and positivity. Although I was an average s…


The most eloquent speech that God has ever given, women are the most creative creatures that God has ever created. Women do multitasking as a part of their life. A mother at home and a Professional at her workplace. Every single area at home is incomplete without her presence. She becomes the source of power and extends support to people in her life. She works like the mitochondria of the family. Women are an epitome of will power with which she can take any form and come out of any situation with flying colors. She is a teacher, doctor, dietician, cook, all in one for her own little world. No one can ever deny this fact, you would have noticed your mother, sister, wife or daughter wear many hats and be the jack of all trades. Women or men, they are people with the same heart, blood, and bones. Women are always strong. However, they look for respect, a few words of appreciation, encouragement, belief, and trust. 

If she finds a little of all the above, she will become the reservoir of …

Friends forever by God's wish

When my mind was doing its homework on what I should write? I thought it was easy to write about what keeps my rhythm of life undisturbed, unambiguously consistent, and happy. I have heard people talk a lot about friendship, but I can say if I haven't met her, friendship would have merely been a word to me and nothing more. Friendship is the constantly fantastic feeling that dwells in my heart now. Thanks to her for being a gift. We met each other, on the first day of Seventh grade, at school. And only that one year we were in the same class, then we were in different sections, then in different schools, then in different colleges, and even today we reside in different places. Like any other relationship, our friendship also had its highs and lows, but believe me, it had been the rock on which we sat laughed, cried, scolded, forgave, hugged, celebrated, lived and continue to live our stories of life and above all holding each other's hands, with no intention to let go.

One da…

From stressed to sorted - A must-read

If you want to be happy and find true satisfaction in life, that is when you look back, to find yourself with a smile that you lived life to the fullest without any regrets, you should make this self-help book your handbook. The author has given a clear picture of simple yet important things one needs to do to remove stress and be sorted. She has worked focussing on the root cause of problems and has suggested certain ways of thinking that can make you enjoy everything in life. From the wind, rain, thunder, lightning, and the rainbow as well. 
To be you, it needs a lot of courage. To handle strong and deep emotions you need to be strong and mature enough, tears can repair your soul and make you stronger. The author teaches some simple rules of life with all her artistic ways. However, she likes to call them 'happiness hacks' in her book. One wonderful message is that if you have to tell people a story when you meet them, let it be a happy one. Let your achievements inspire them…

A new role to play #bookchatter #blogchatter

I would like to thank #blogchatter for giving me different roles to play. Trying my hand as a reviewer for this book Naked Beneath the midnight Sun is surely a sunshine opportunity in my life. I extend my gratitude to the author Kamalini Natesan for making this possible.  Suchu the protagonist depicts the feeling of being Indian in a foreign land. Indian parents and their ways of thinking are well drawn by the author however their thoughts unite when it comes to giving wings to their daughter's dream. The book turns emotional and very descriptive when Suchu pours out her heart in her letters and admires the beauty of her new destination.
She is known for her great command over the English language that makes her attractive among her multicultural class of friends.
The different people she meets from Cathrine to Sven the love of her life each character has it's own original beauty. Beenu who is a Soul Sister to Suchu is my personal favourite. Suchu's emotions like jealousy…

A blessing showered on me - My Mom

Today's post is straight from my heart no! sorry. It is my heart itself this would be the right way. In my 26 years of life, I have never taken an effort to write what my mother means to me. Whenever I thought of writing about her. I fell short of words. I used to realize that it was the ocean and I cannot limit it to the extent of my pen and paper. But not to write about my Mother and be a writer I always felt incomplete. I would try to do my best with this post and hope all my readers would feel the love and enjoy the post.
My Mom is a simple sweet and beautiful homemaker, my unconditional love, my prayer, and my blessing. She has never advised me nor thought me the life lessons but she lives as an epitome of example from where I learned to love unconditionally and to live the beautiful bonds of life to the fullest. 
She was a great maths teacher.
 I was still an average student but I knew if she gave maths classes the whole class would score well. Well, my little brother was h…


As a blogger, I feel responsible today. If I do not talk about this my work as a blogger will be incomplete. A special thanks to Swathi my friend who always persuaded me to talk about this in my blog. A writer who is responsible is expected to do justice in every piece of her work and in my opinion, is the one who becomes the voice of the unheard is the true blogger/writer. Sanitary workers are people to be thankful to in our lives. These people have a sad story behind each of them that is unsaid and even unheard.  Completely ignored will be a more prompt phase here. 
   Five years ago, In my college life. I  conversed with a lady cleaning the restrooms of the ladies hostel. On that day after hearing her story, the only thing that struck me was We ignore the real essence of humanity even after talking about it for hours. The women literally had tears in her eyes. I went and enquired what bothered her.  
  A girl has dumped her sanitary napkin in the washbasin. However, I do not know …