Saturday, 4 January 2020


The most eloquent speech that God has ever given, women are the most creative creatures that God has ever created. Women do multitasking as a part of their life. A mother at home and a Professional at her workplace. Every single area at home is incomplete without her presence. She becomes the source of power and extends support to people in her life. She works like the mitochondria of the family. Women are an epitome of will power with which she can take any form and come out of any situation with flying colors. She is a teacher, doctor, dietician, cook, all in one for her own little world. No one can ever deny this fact, you would have noticed your mother, sister, wife or daughter wear many hats and be the jack of all trades. Women or men, they are people with the same heart, blood, and bones. Women are always strong. However, they look for respect, a few words of appreciation, encouragement, belief, and trust. 

If she finds a little of all the above, she will become the reservoir of love and power. The strength that men can derive from her after that will have no bounds. She can be a rough sketch or a masterpiece. It is about how you use your pencil. You can drive inspiration from every single creation that shares the planet with you. The Waves, the Sun, the Stars, the Soil, the Plant, the Thorn each and everything in the world has its own story of inspiration. We all adore women for their beauty that stays with them only for a short time. Only the flower gets the attention as it is a symbol of goodness, but the real message of wisdom lies in the mud and thorns. Women serve as a platform for lives to blossom, we build our roots of life from her. 

A woman may seem delicate, but within her lies the power to protect and nourish life. If we accept her flaws and still become the support system when she wants, then she will be unstoppable. Give a hand when she wobbles in her journey of life, and she will give two when you need it. She will become a pillar of eternal strength. When she finds trust and support, believe me, she will transform into your favourite Goddess, who will be blessing you forever. Women have been the dormant power within men and have motivated them to be successful people in life.

 “I couldn’t have done anything that I have done without Michelle. Not only has she been a great first lady, but she is also just my rock. I count on her in so many ways every single day.” - Barack Obama.
Nick Vijuvic one of the greatest motivational speakers of today is so because his mother was a strong lady. She believed in him, even when he was born without hands and legs. All the other mothers who delivered babies on the day at the hospital received wishes and bouquets. When she found her hospital room devoid of any wishes or flowers, she said my baby himself is the bunch of flowers that God has given me.

Charlie Chaplin, the man who gave the gift of laughter to the world, was the one laughed at by his friends, owing to his skinny appearance. The belief that his mother had on him helped transform his weakness into a strength.

All I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother - Abraham Lincoln. I have mentioned only four, but if I sit and count, it would be like counting stars in the sky. The smartest move that these successful men made was that they acknowledged and thanked the women in their lives. If the love, care, concern, and support becomes mutual, then life will be nothing less than a blessing.  Women the word itself has men to express the fact that both can coexist in love and make life better for each other.


Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Friends forever by God's wish

  When my mind was doing its homework on what I should write? I thought it was easy to write about what keeps my rhythm of life undisturbed, unambiguously consistent, and happy. I have heard people talk a lot about friendship, but I can say if I haven't met her, friendship would have merely been a word to me and nothing more. Friendship is the constantly fantastic feeling that dwells in my heart now. Thanks to her for being a gift. We met each other, on the first day of Seventh grade, at school. And only that one year we were in the same class, then we were in different sections, then in different schools, then in different colleges, and even today we reside in different places. Like any other relationship, our friendship also had its highs and lows, but believe me, it had been the rock on which we sat laughed, cried, scolded, forgave, hugged, celebrated, lived and continue to live our stories of life and above all holding each other's hands, with no intention to let go.

  One day I understood, she will be a great friend for a lifetime, and nothing in the world can ever make up to her. It was through this incident, which is vivid in my memory as though it happened yesterday. It was a PT session at school. Sports day preparations were on full swing. March-past practice was going on. I was not able to do as directed. Our PT teacher was a nice person but was strict when it came to sports. He reprimanded me in front of everyone. By the evening, as soon as Firoshah met my mom, she said everything that had happened. 'I was not able to bear it when the teacher scolded my friend. I felt really bad', she said. I saw the kind of love, care, and concern she had for me in her eyes. Her words were super hot. She was popping them out like mustard seeds, on the heated saucepan. To share someone's pain and worry for their wellbeing, trying our best to reduce their pain is love.  Many happiness hacks that are part of my life are from telephonic conversations we had. Her dialogues served as a boost at times. They lifted up my spirit during the time of need. I never had a big bunch of friends, neither had a chance to regret it. My friend filled up the friendship page in my book of life so vibrantly, with passion and purpose making it significant.

I was always available to her whenever she needed me. However, I always thought of knowing what I meant to her. This message from her was more than what I could ever ask for. 'My best friend, the distance between you and me is only a heartbeat away, For you and I, dwell in each other's heart-there forever we will stay. You know all my emotions, many they may be. You know when to be gentle, And when to chastise me. Two gentle souls deeply connected, thoughts not spoken, there is no need for the other knows, what one is thinking even before they speak. So with all the love, in my heart today, I want to express to you these feelings I want to stay'.

 Firoshah will forever top the list of gifts that Santa has ever given me. On this Christmas eve, I Would like to remember it and thank God for it. Let the good vibes of our friendship touch each beautiful soul reading this post.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

From stressed to sorted - A must-read

 If you want to be happy and find true satisfaction in life, that is when you look back, to find yourself with a smile that you lived life to the fullest without any regrets, you should make this self-help book your handbook. The author has given a clear picture of simple yet important things one needs to do to remove stress and be sorted. She has worked focussing on the root cause of problems and has suggested certain ways of thinking that can make you enjoy everything in life. From the wind, rain, thunder, lightning, and the rainbow as well. 
To be you, it needs a lot of courage. To handle strong and deep emotions you need to be strong and mature enough, tears can repair your soul and make you stronger. The author teaches some simple rules of life with all her artistic ways. However, she likes to call them 'happiness hacks' in her book. One wonderful message is that if you have to tell people a story when you meet them, let it be a happy one. Let your achievements inspire them and give them the courage to reach their dreams. The most remarkable message is that we have to appreciate people in our lives before it is too late, for it is the gift that we can give our loved ones the very moment we think of it. It can bring instant smiles on their faces and do good to their souls in no time.
Thank you! Sonam chamaria for writing this great book and allowing me to read and review it. I wish and pray for your great future in the world of writing! Keep making lives happier for as many people as you can. As a fan, I am eagerly waiting to read your next book. #ThankYou! #blogchatter #bookchatter I consider myself lucky for having read and reviewed this book. It is also an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Monday, 25 November 2019

A new role to play #bookchatter #blogchatter

 I would like to thank #blogchatter for giving me different roles to play. Trying my hand as a reviewer for this book Naked Beneath the midnight Sun is surely a sunshine opportunity in my life. I extend my gratitude to the author Kamalini Natesan for making this possible.
 Suchu the protagonist depicts the feeling of being Indian in a foreign land. Indian parents and their ways of thinking are well drawn by the author however their thoughts unite when it comes to giving wings to their daughter's dream.
The book turns emotional and very descriptive when Suchu pours out her heart in her letters and admires the beauty of her new destination.
She is known for her great command over the English language that makes her attractive among her multicultural class of friends.
The different people she meets from Cathrine to Sven the love of her life each character has it's own original beauty. Beenu who is a Soul Sister to Suchu is my personal favourite. Suchu's emotions like jealousy, love are well carved. She enjoys her land of snow at the same time misses the taste of masala like any Indian. This book is an exotic read as it makes you travel to Norway and experience its beauty with every page you flip. Reviewed for #bookchatter. Blogchatter's book review program.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

A blessing showered on me - My Mom

Today's post is straight from my heart no! sorry. It is my heart itself this would be the right way. In my 26 years of life, I have never taken an effort to write what my mother means to me. Whenever I thought of writing about her. I fell short of words. I used to realize that it was the ocean and I cannot limit it to the extent of my pen and paper. But not to write about my Mother and be a writer I always felt incomplete. I would try to do my best with this post and hope all my readers would feel the love and enjoy the post.

My Mom is a simple sweet and beautiful homemaker, my unconditional love, my prayer, and my blessing. She has never advised me nor thought me the life lessons but she lives as an epitome of example from where I learned to love unconditionally and to live the beautiful bonds of life to the fullest. 

She was a great maths teacher.
 I was still an average student but I knew if she gave maths classes the whole class would score well. Well, my little brother was her bright student and scored a 100% many times through out his academics. I persuaded her to be a teacher but she denied saying she was already one to us. She was always happy in making life easy, simple and beautiful for us. 

From my birth till today she has always supported me as an eternal pillar of support. when I was born I was born too small and the people around said the baby is too small to survive but she fought like a warrior to give me a life on the earth. The sleepless nights she spent to make me who I am can never be put to words. whenever I had a tough phase in my life the person who I always called for help was my Mom. But to be true she understood the need even before I spoke about it. Then the most beautiful thing I learned from her is that she fulfilled her duties like a wonder woman. she has extended her support to everyone around her and the care and concern she showers can never be matched with anything in this world. 

The way she respects every bond of life and the way she fulfills them and this way she never fails to make me spellbound with her magic wand of love. To sacrifice with happiness and to forgive even when she is hurt are the two qualities that make her a timeless beauty in my heart. Life is too short to be unkind it is not that if you forgive you are weak it is just that you value the person more than the misunderstanding that came up she said and always insisted to initiate and forgive when I fought with my friends at school. She always puts her self in another person's shoes and said each one has their own point of view. She always supported the right things and gave me the courage I  needed. When some said I might not be so successful she said and strongly believed that I will be successful someday. The kind of belief and hope she holds for me in her heart makes me love her even more.

I used to think she made her presence felt only in my life but I realized she did this to everyone in our family when I read the letter my brother wrote to her on her last birthday. I felt Mom you are wonderful. You have filled love in the air we breathe and that is what makes life beautiful.

 Today when I sit back and think about her I can feel a beautiful woman inside me vigorously trying to copy her and be a blessing for people in my life. Just the copy the original is always her and I am sure I can never make up to her. 

I admit one thing proudly if  I would really be a 30% of what my Mom is to us I would be a great life partner to my husband and a wonderful mother to my kids in the future. With tons of love and respect, I conclude my Mom is a blessing from heaven and nothing less than that. 

Mom, The smile on your face makes my day. I do not know when I grew up to be your friend. We laugh together on your silly jokes. When you always misunderstand the coming up clip on the tv show and ask me why are they showing it again and I have to remind you each time. Hahaha you are original and have no substitute and you nod with an innocent laugh. 

Sometimes we fight and forgive and that is the part of the game. when you came in between when I and dad spoke we used to act as if we spoke some top-secret and should never tell you. I and dad enjoy it when you get irritated about not knowing what we spoke and the reality is dad would have never said anything it was just for fun. But that will not be funny anymore because you knew it now.  I will never be able to give back the love you gave me Mom however I will try to give it back till my last breath and I promise I will never give up on that.
Forever love 
-Your daughter.
Written for #CauseAChatter / for the international day of the girl child

Friday, 13 September 2019


As a blogger, I feel responsible today. If I do not talk about this my work as a blogger will be incomplete. A special thanks to Swathi my friend who always persuaded me to talk about this in my blog. A writer who is responsible is expected to do justice in every piece of her work and in my opinion, is the one who becomes the voice of the unheard is the true blogger/writer. Sanitary workers are people to be thankful to in our lives. These people have a sad story behind each of them that is unsaid and even unheard.  Completely ignored will be a more prompt phase here. 

   Five years ago, In my college life. I  conversed with a lady cleaning the restrooms of the ladies hostel. On that day after hearing her story, the only thing that struck me was We ignore the real essence of humanity even after talking about it for hoursThe women literally had tears in her eyes. I went and enquired what bothered her.  

  A girl has dumped her sanitary napkin in the washbasin. However, I do not know why the girl did so. The lady said she found it very difficult to clean it up."எமா இதல்லாம் படிக்கற பிள்ளைகள் தானே ஏன் இப்படி செய்றாங்க."(Aren't these children educated why are they doing this she asked). This was much better. I had no answer for the next line she said. "நாங்களும் மனிஷங்கதான  எவ்ளோம போருத்து போறது" Aren't we human how much can we tolerate. These words pricked like a thorn. I said only one thing to her that she should go and complain to the warden at that time that was the only solution I could give her. 
I saw another sanitary worker who said that their own children were not ready to eat if they fed them. Because the nauseating smell of the disposed of garbage stays in their hands even after washing many numbers of times. This is the worst plight I had ever heard from a mother.

   I have a request to all the beautiful women out there. Please do dispose of your menstrual pads properly tied up. This small act of yours will make life much better for these sanitary workers. Never forget they are mother, father, brother, sister, spouse of another fellow human being sharing the planet with you. Think about your life without them. You will be deprived of basic health and sanitation. It is human that we adore the rose for its beauty and scent and ignore the thorns in it. But the thorns are self-defense provided by God to protect the rose.

    People who do this sanitation work are doing a service to God through their service to humanity. You can be thankful to them truly by such small yet meaningful effort that can make life much easier for them. Even a mother finds it difficult to dispose of/clean up the menstrual secretion of her daughter. They do it in case if the girl is seriously ill and cannot do it herself such is a reality. These people do it because of their higher degree of tolerance that God has bestowed them with.

   When you dispose of your sanitary napkin the next time remember a human being is going to handle it before it goes through the final disposal stage. #Humanity is the best gift ever given and received.  My post for today is dedicated to the effortless and hardworking community of #sanitary #workers #we all live a better life because of you #ThankYou #Sanitary workers.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Zenith Of Zestful Zeal

  There is power in laughter, there is eternal happiness in singing your heart out and dancing with the zestful zeal of energy. It would do a great deal of magic and goodness to your soul.

  All the posts which I wrote for #blogchatter #AtoZChallenge dealt with Positivity, Optimism, Hope, Happiness, belief, inner strength, will power and today being the final day of the one-month blogging challenge  I would like to address the Zenith of Zestful Zeal. As we grow up we laugh less and that too we laugh after checking if there are people around. Laughing, singing, and dancing is used to express ourselves.  Singing, dancing and laughing out louder can keep you at the peak of energy. All the three above mentioned activities can enter your soul directly and repair it and make it vibrant and better. Music plays a big role in our daily lives. It helps us communicate our stories and emotions. we use it to pray, celebrate and even to mourn. Music becomes a language that common man and God-talk with. Music is a key that opens the soul. Sometimes we tend to sing straight from the heart it may be so loud and mostly offbeat but still, we connect so much with the song that we even forget the tune. But the kind of happiness it gives is immeasurable. your favourite song that you listen to sticks to the heart so firmly that it keeps wandering in the mind throughout the day and you keep humming the tune the entire day. When we listen to some songs it takes us back to the days we once lived and the memories associated tend to provoke us emotionally. Such is the effect of music and songs from today be proud to be a loud bathroom singer. Dont take life so seriously all the 365 days sometimes It is great to ease with life. The universal truth about songs is that it has the ability to move us emotionally.

Laughter, on the other hand, is a real healing natural medicine. Laughter is a spiritual form of commuting. Without words, we can say to one another that "I am with you. and I get it". Laughter connects so strongly that we rarely forget a person who made us laugh and that is the magic of laughing with each other. laughter instils Hope, Positivity, and Optimism and fosters the feeling of love and belongingness. 
 "Laughter is a bubbly, effervescent form of holiness" Amen - Anne Lamott. 

  Dancing is a two-way fun game. It can help you to stay fit and help you feel joyful and happy at the same time. You no need to be a trained dancer to do this you can simultaneously change your aerobic exercises into a dance pattern. I know many will not be ready to dance they generally feel not so comfortable or feel shy. One day you can just dance without any choreography you can just follow the beat of your heart and shake your leg in the way you want this will help you stay at the zenith of Zestful Zeal in your life. Always remember this mantra "dance like no one is watching" This will really help you stay cool, happy and you can always stay at the pink of your health.

  I the Thank You, blogger, would like to thank the blogchatter team for this opportunity and all my fellow blogger friends, family, friends, and relatives for their constant support throughout the journey of #blogchatter #AtoZchallenge. Thank you for making this a memorable one. Stay blessed and take care.

 Today being the final day Shelly comes with a special guest the barbie from the barbie world. She is come to visit Shelly the mermaid her dearest friend in the underwater world. Shelly is going to narrate the story of three fun-loving friends Pari, Shakshi, Aisha. Pari and Shakshi are carefree happy girls. Aisha is a little serious person. she was sitting in silence as she was not in a very good mood. So Pari and Shakshi came to Aisha's room just to cheer her up. Pari got an idea she put on loud music and both Shakshi and Pari started dancing like no one is watching. Aisha could not resist herself from joining the dance party. All three stood up on the cot and continued to dance until the felt exhausted and this changed the gloomy mood of Aisha. All three jumped with joy and this was followed by a fun game where Pari will play all the songs in her playlist which will be muted and the songs will be continuously flipped by Shakshi. Aisha will suddenly say stop and that particular song will be dedicated to her future husband. All three used to giggle and laugh when it is their turn to say stop. Aisha remembers this game even after five long years. Such is the magic of laughter and happiness. As shelly completed her story she took barbie to witness the Gemstone Dolphin after which both the friends left for the grand feast at the underwater world.

Monday, 29 April 2019

You will continue to live in the heart of every Indian youth

    As I started writing about  this wonderful person for the first time so many beautiful  thoughts were  jumping in my mind asking me to write them down first. A visionary of India - A great teacher; an inspirational author; a scientist who made our nation proud and above all a human being who respected and loved science, technology, and humanity to the highest level possible.

   Being born as a boatman's son in Rameshwaram, he studied by distributing papers and through dedication and hard work became the 11th president of India and proved that leaders are created by their own will to serve the nation. A man of simplicity is his ideal identity. He was a  great source of inspiration and he gave the youth true meaning of the word "dream" that it is the burning desire to succeed that does not allow you to sleep. His contribution and inspirational words of wisdom will inspire and motivate the youth of today and the generations to come. Today I wanted to share with you all the miracle formula given for the word knowledge by our former president according to him knowledge = creativityrighteousness + courage.

He lived according to this and that is how he remains to be the miracle man of India.

    CREATIVITY  The scientist was the fountain of creativity  he  launched rockets and kept India glowing bright among the nations of the world and he made weightless artificial limbs for the physically challenged and  thus the invention was the one which made him the happiest and that is why  he said creativity is the beginning of knowledge when you dream you think, when you think you create and when your creation helps others that is real knowledge and the ultimate purpose of life.

  RIGHTEOUSNESS is living a life in the path of light shown by God and according to me, it is treating everyone like one's own self. During his journey to IIM  Sir Abdul Kalam went on to thank a security guard who stood up for his security for five long hours. He thanked him and felt sorry that because of him he stood for so long. He greeted him with his words of kindness. From this, it is evident that he is a man of righteousness who lived life to the fullest.

   COURAGE  Every part of this great leader's life belongs to this word - The courageous Tamilian born in a family were only love was present in abundance  became a person loved by all. His courage to change his life by hard work and his courage to invent create explore and his courage to inspire people and think about the future generation made him think out of the box  he said help the future by planting a billion trees.

   I think India has lost this magnificent leader but his teachings and contributions will continue to glow in the heart of every Indian and he will continue to live in the form of light of knowledge inside every Indian and the light of inspiration he ignited will enlighten India and the world forever. As the youth of India, we will strive hard to make all his dreams come true This is my small sign of tribute to people's president and leader to be cherished in the thoughts of every Indian.

You will live forever through the seeds of dreams you sow in the minds of Indian youth.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Xenial Power Of Positive Perception

Today the world around you has a lot to offer you! But it is only how you perceive your circumstances that make all the difference in life. And this is the reason why protecting your children from the vicious environment is not enough, explaining to them how they can make the society a better place for their friends and family is probably equal or even more important. 

 The world appears as you see it. The beauty lies in the eye glued to it. There is immense beauty in the silence that lies in between the song which adds beauty to the song, in fact, it is what makes a soul touching song even more catchy and beautiful. There is music in silence, beauty in the silver lines of the rain, life is in every soul and both soul and nature are beautiful and with life lies power. The power to be happy by very nature and that is all that is needed.

  God gives what we deserve some experiences to learn from and grow beyond them we think they are hard times, but it gives us the strength. It is the ultimate gift of life and it is the life itself in a broader perspective and that's God's way of expressing love by providing strength throughout life. Happiness is not an endorsement in the book of life but the book itself if you are thankful for your life. Gratitude makes life beautiful every moment. Life is but an empty dream said Henry Wordsworth but dreams are beautiful like filling up your favourite colors to the stars in the sky so dreams should never be empty fill them up with a good purpose you will see them become a reality. 

    Beauty is in the eye of the person who sees but I feel it is more in the heart of the person who makes an effort to say it out. Have a positive perception of the world around you because there is a lot of good things that still exist. Be a reservoir of positivity, hope, and optimism so that your children could learn from your xenial power of positive perception and become an Optimist in life naturally it is now proven that optimistic people are happier and healthier because they strongly believe that positive perception about life can make life happier and more fulfilling.  


Thanks to my little cousin Divya Janani she helped me find this image. Kids are always better when it comes to creativity.

    She wears painted shells on her ears and spends her evenings sitting on her favourite rock and looking at the mermaid the dolphin's dance in the sea. Sometimes, when she is in a rather melancholic mood, she sings out her favourite melodies to the sweetest and youngest daffodils. Though the mermaid enjoys singing, yet it is only the art of story-telling that is capable of stirring her heart the most. Even after being a mermaid Shelly is little different from her group, for while the other mermaids shied away from any human presence, Shelly, she loved narrating stories to them.

"Hi friends, today, I will tell you the story of the two little girls, vivitha and smithika, who through the common bond of humanity, became the best of the best friends. Vivitha, a second grader, had been just admitted to a new school, where, even after the passage of two weeks, she had remained unsuccessful at making friends. After all, in those times, it wasn’t easy for a second grader to let go off their apprehensions and make new and interesting friends. 
    On a particular day, after quickly finishing her lunch, Vivitha ran straight for a swing in the playground. But while she ran she did not notice a huge rock stuck on her way and unfortunately, tripped over and fell on her face. At a little distance, in groups of four and five, her classmates were sitting and while nobody really cared and blatantly ignored her great fall, Smithika immediately rushed over. She helped her stand on her feet and took her to the first aid room where Vivitha was soundly treated. Soon after, the two girls got into long and winding conversations and as a matter of fact, Smithika even introduced Vivitha to her two other friends.  
       When Vivitha came back home that day she told her mom, "Mother, I thought that in my new school no one was good enough to be friends with me and yet, today, smithika completely changed my perspective on things and people. Thanks to her, I got a good person and a bunch of new friends as well!" to which her mother replied "There are a lot of good people in this world, but in order to befriend them you need to be a good person as well. Remember, your small act of kindness can make a great difference in someone’s life. Exactly how your friend’s actions made in yours” 
  After that, she kissed Vivitha on her forehead and asked her to go to bed. Shelly got up from the rock and waved goodbye. She will now be heading to play sea diving, a sport she enjoyed very much.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Words The Miracle Makers Of Life

Be kind with your words you never know what kind of magic they can do. They can heal and make a  person feel better, can even bring a smile on the face of a complete stranger, which is yet another way to reach Gods. Words are beautiful gifts and therefore make sure you use them effectively, turning the world around you beautiful. Words can do a lot of things but most importantly, when used in the right way, words can give solutions for a lot of problems.

Keep giving the best in every role you play in life, express love, care, concern in all the possible ways that "life is providential gift " be the reason for a smile for people with you and around you.

     Remember you are always remembered for the smiles you spread and happiness you are the reason for. Human beings are the only creation of God gifted with the unique ability to live the bonds of life with love. You are always valued by your words and these words can be great healers in times of difficulties and hardships and will serve as a sign of hope and will when most needed. From today to the important people of  your lives  speak out your heart and tell  the words of importance 

" I am always there for you"
"Thank you for helping me"
"Thank you for being with me"
"Thank you for all the sacrifices you make" 
"Thank you for being  the reason of happiness in my life"

Begin it with your family members and friends and you will be surprised to see the happiness that these powerful words of concern create in each others life. The best thing we can do in our life is to be the reason of each other's happiness be it husband,wife,father,mother,brother,sister,son,daughter be it any bond of life, these words will help you cherish every "present" in life in the most precious way possible sometimes these words can be the reason for the happiest changes in life.  Be a person cherished by your family and friends wish you all a very good day :-)

Presenting to you our storyteller Shelly once again.  she is found playing with the pebbles, sitting on the rock.  Suddenly something in her head reminded her of her soul penetrating passion storytelling and so the mermaid started to share a completely new story to the daffodils and dolphins. Since Shelly told stories of interesting human beings and also made a point to impart beautiful lessons through her stories, the daffodils, and dolphins sat ready as a child, eagerly nodding for the story.

So here is our Shelly for you taking a break from her pebble game to narrate a beautiful story of the young girl Lithika - A nineteen-year-old happy college goer unfortunately diagnosed with a rare eye disorder, requiring a surgery. It was a bright Monday morning. Lithika was admitted to a hospital for the surgical procedure where she finds an anesthetist, who is there to give her a local anesthesia injection on her troubled eye.

The young girl’s hands shivered as she heard a doctor tell her "This injection could be more painful than the usual but will help you bearing with the pain of the surgery". Lithika, being the strong-willed person that she was, underwent the pain without uttering a word of pain, though her eyes did well up with tears. Surprisingly even after using the anesthesia, her eyes would not stop watering, which made the doctor ask “is it still hurting?”. Lithika replied in negative. “Don’t worry" added the doctor with a pleasant smile, "you will be alright and your surgery will be successful. All the best!" His words were really healing the young girl, giving her the courage she needed immensely. "Thank you doctor" she replied back with a sigh of relief and happiness. Thereafter, the surgical procedure started and when it ended, it was a success indeed.
Today, when after a month, she had entered the doctor’s cabin once again, for a regular post surgery check, she looked better and more confident. As perfect as her name! But even today Lithika remembers how the simple words of the anesthetist gave her courage in the time of need, which always brings a smile on her face.

As she completed the story Shelly waved goodbye and took a dive as she has to meet her friends and join them to witness the water dance near the whirlpool.

To all my reader’s I have to say only one thing keep your words kind and pleasing as far as possible because you never know who it is going to heal and give courage at the time of need.  Until I meet you all with a new story and a fresh post stay blessed and take care. Thank you.


The most eloquent speech that God has ever given, women are the most creative creatures that God has ever created. Women do multitasking a...