Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Zenith Of Zestful Zeal

  There is power in laughter, there is eternal happiness in singing your heart out and dancing with the zestful zeal of energy. It would do a great deal of magic and goodness to your soul.

  All the posts which I wrote for #blogchatter #AtoZChallenge dealt with Positivity, Optimism, Hope, Happiness, belief, inner strength, will power and today being the final day of the one-month blogging challenge  I would like to address the Zenith of Zestful Zeal. As we grow up we laugh less and that too we laugh after checking if there are people around. Laughing, singing, and dancing is used to express ourselves.  Singing, dancing and laughing out louder can keep you at the peak of energy. All the three above mentioned activities can enter your soul directly and repair it and make it vibrant and better. Music plays a big role in our daily lives. It helps us communicate our stories and emotions. we use it to pray, celebrate and even to mourn. Music becomes a language that common man and God talk with. Music is a key that opens the soul. Sometimes we tend to sing straight from the heart it may be so loud and mostly offbeat but still, we connect so much with the song that we even forget the tune. But the kind of happiness it gives is immeasurable. your favorite song that you listen to sticks to the heart so firmly that it keeps wandering in the mind throughout the day and you keep humming the tune the entire day. When we listen to some songs it takes us back to the days we once lived and the memories associated tend to provoke us emotionally. Such is the effect of music and songs from today be proud to be a loud bathroom singer. Dont take life so seriously all the 365 days sometimes It is great to ease with life. The universal truth about songs is that it has the ability to move us emotionally.

Laughter, on the other hand, is a real healing natural medicine. Laughter is a spiritual form of commuting. Without words, we can say to one another that "I am with you. and I get it". Laughter connects so strongly that we rarely forget a person who made us laugh and that is the magic of laughing with each other. laughter instills Hope, Positivity, and Optimism and fosters the feeling of love and belongingness. 
 "Laughter is a bubbly, effervescent form of holiness" Amen - Anne Lamott. 

  Dancing is a two-way fun game. It can help you to stay fit and help you feel joyful and happy at the same time. You no need to be a trained dancer to do this you can simultaneously change your aerobic exercises into a dance pattern. I know many will not be ready to dance they generally feel not so comfortable or feel shy. One day you can just dance without any choreography you can just follow the beat of your heart and shake your leg in the way you want this will help you stay at the zenith of Zestful Zeal in your life. Always remember this mantra "dance like no one is watching" This will really help you stay cool, happy and you can always stay at the pink of your health.

  I the Thank You, blogger, would like to thank the blogchatter team for this opportunity and all my fellow blogger friends, family, friends, and relatives for their constant support throughout the journey of #blogchatter #AtoZchallenge. Thank you for making this a memorable one. Stay blessed and take care.

 Today being the final day Shelly comes with a special guest the barbie from the barbie world. She is come to visit Shelly the mermaid her dearest friend in the underwater world. Shelly is going to narrate the story of three fun-loving friends Pari, Shakshi, Aisha. Pari and Shakshi are carefree happy girls. Aisha is a little serious person. she was sitting in silence as she was not in a very good mood. So Pari and Shakshi came to Aisha's room cheer her up. Pari got an idea she put on loud music and both Shakshi and Pari started dancing like no one is watching. Aisha could not resist herself from joining the dance party. All three stood up on the cot and continued to dance until the felt exhausted and this changed the gloomy mood of Aisha. All three jumped with joy and this was followed by a fun game where Pari will play all the songs in her playlist which will be muted and the songs will be continuously flipped by Shakshi. Aisha will suddenly say stop and that particular song will be dedicated to her future husband. All three used to giggle and laugh when it is their turn to say stop. Aisha remember's this game even after five long years. Such is the magic of laughter and happiness. As shelly completed her story she took barbie to witness the Gemstone Dolphin after which both the friends left for the grand feast at the underwater world.

Monday, 29 April 2019

You will continue to live in the heart of every Indian youth

    As I started writing about  this wonderful person for the first time so many beautiful  thoughts were  jumping in my mind asking me to write them down first. A visionary of India - A great teacher; an inspirational author; a scientist who made our nation proud and above all a human being who respected and loved science, technology, and humanity to the highest level possible.

   Being born as a boatman's son in Rameshwaram, he studied by distributing papers and through dedication and hard work became the 11th president of India and proved that leaders are created by their own will to serve the nation. A man of simplicity is his ideal identity. He was a  great source of inspiration and he gave the youth true meaning of the word "dream" that it is the burning desire to succeed that does not allow you to sleep. His contribution and inspirational words of wisdom will inspire and motivate the youth of today and the generations to come. Today I wanted to share with you all the miracle formula given for the word knowledge by our former president according to him knowledge = creativityrighteousness + courage.

He lived according to this and that is how he remains to be the miracle man of India.

    CREATIVITY  The scientist was the fountain of creativity  he  launched rockets and kept India glowing bright among the nations of the world and he made weightless artificial limbs for the physically challenged and  thus the invention was the one which made him the happiest and that is why  he said creativity is the beginning of knowledge when you dream you think, when you think you create and when your creation helps others that is real knowledge and the ultimate purpose of life.

  RIGHTEOUSNESS is living a life in the path of light shown by God and according to me, it is treating everyone like one's own self. During his journey to IIM  Sir Abdul Kalam went on to thank a security guard who stood up for his security for five long hours. He thanked him and felt sorry that because of him he stood for so long. He greeted him with his words of kindness. From this, it is evident that he is a man of righteousness who lived life to the fullest.

   COURAGE  Every part of this great leader's life belongs to this word - The courageous Tamilian born in a family were only love was present in abundance  became a person loved by all. His courage to change his life by hard work and his courage to invent create explore and his courage to inspire people and think about the future generation made him think out of the box  he said help the future by planting a billion trees.

   I think India has lost this magnificent leader but his teachings and contributions will continue to glow in the heart of every Indian and he will continue to live in the form of light of knowledge inside every Indian and the light of inspiration he ignited will enlighten India and the world forever. As the youth of India, we will strive hard to make all his dreams come true This is my small sign of tribute to people's president and leader to be cherished in the thoughts of every Indian.

You will live forever through the seeds of dreams you sow in the minds of Indian youth.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Xenial Power Of Positive Perception

Today the world around you has a lot to offer you! But it is only how you perceive your circumstances that make all the difference in life. And this is the reason why protecting your children from the vicious environment is not enough, explaining to them how they can make the society a better place for their friends and family is probably equal or even more important. 

 The world appears as you see it. The beauty lies in the eye glued to it. There is immense beauty in the silence that lies in between the song which adds beauty to the song, in fact, it is what makes a soul touching song even more catchy and beautiful. There is music in silence, beauty in the silver lines of the rain, life is in every soul and both soul and nature are beautiful and with life lies power. The power to be happy by very nature and that is all that is needed.

  God gives what we deserve some experiences to learn from and grow beyond them we think they are hard times, but it gives us the strength. It is the ultimate gift of life and it is the life itself in a broader perspective and that's God's way of expressing love by providing strength throughout life. Happiness is not an endorsement in the book of life but the book itself if you are thankful for your life. Gratitude makes life beautiful every moment. Life is but an empty dream said Henry Wordsworth but dreams are beautiful like filling up your favourite colors to the stars in the sky so dreams should never be empty fill them up with a good purpose you will see them become a reality. 

    Beauty is in the eye of the person who sees but I feel it is more in the heart of the person who makes an effort to say it out. Have a positive perception of the world around you because there is a lot of good things that still exist. Be a reservoir of positivity, hope, and optimism so that your children could learn from your the xenial power of positive perception and become an Optimist in life naturally it is now proven that optimistic people are happier and healthier because they strongly believe that positive perception about life can make life happier and more fulfilling.  


Thanks to my little cousin Divya Janani she helped me find this image. Kids are always better when it comes to creativity.

    She wears painted shells on her ears and spends her evenings sitting on her favourite rock and looking at the mermaid the dolphin's dance in the sea. Sometimes, when she is in a rather melancholic mood, she sings out her favourite melodies to the sweetest and youngest daffodils. Though the mermaid enjoys singing, yet it is only the art of story-telling that is capable of stirring her heart the most. Even after being a mermaid Shelly is little different from her group, for while the other mermaids shied away from any human presence, Shelly, she loved narrating stories to them.

"Hi friends, today, I will tell you the story of the two little girls, vivitha and smithika, who through the common bond of humanity, became the best of the best friends. Vivitha, a second grader, had been just admitted to a new school, where, even after the passage of two weeks, she had remained unsuccessful at making friends. After all, in those times, it wasn’t easy for a second grader to let go off their apprehensions and make new and interesting friends. 
    On a particular day, after quickly finishing her lunch, Vivitha ran straight for a swing in the playground. But while she ran she did not notice a huge rock stuck on her way and unfortunately, tripped over and fell on her face. At a little distance, in groups of four and five, her classmates were sitting and while nobody really cared and blatantly ignored her great fall, Smithika immediately rushed over. She helped her stand on her feet and took her to the first aid room where Vivitha was soundly treated. Soon after, the two girls got into long and winding conversations and as a matter of fact, Smithika even introduced Vivitha to her two other friends.  
       When Vivitha came back home that day she told her mom, "Mother, I thought that in my new school no one was good enough to be friends with me and yet, today, smithika completely changed my perspective on things and people. Thanks to her, I got a good person and a bunch of new friends as well!" to which her mother replied "There are a lot of good people in this world, but in order to befriend them you need to be a good person as well. Remember, your small act of kindness can make a great difference in someone’s life. Exactly how your friend’s actions made in yours” 
  After that, she kissed Vivitha on her forehead and asked her to go to bed. Shelly got up from the rock and waved goodbye. She will now be heading to play sea diving, a sport she enjoyed very much.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Words The Miracle Makers Of Life

Be kind with your words you never know what kind of magic they can do. They can heal and make a  person feel better, can even bring a smile on the face of a complete stranger, which is yet another way to reach Gods. Words are beautiful gifts and therefore make sure you use them effectively, turning the world around you beautiful. Words can do a lot of things but most importantly, when used in the right way, words can give solutions for a lot of problems.

Keep giving the best in every role you play in life, express love, care, concern in all the possible ways that "life is providential gift " be the reason for a smile for people with you and around you.

     Remember you are always remembered for the smiles you spread and happiness you are the reason for. Human beings are the only creation of God gifted with the unique ability to live the bonds of life with love. You are always valued by your words and these words can be great healers in times of difficulties and hardships and will serve as a sign of hope and will when most needed. From today to the important people of  your lives  speak out your heart and tell  the words of importance 

" I am always there for you"
"Thank you for helping me"
"Thank you for being with me"
"Thank you for all the sacrifices you make" 
"Thank you for being  the reason of happiness in my life"

Begin it with your family members and friends and you will be surprised to see the happiness that these powerful words of concern create in each others life. The best thing we can do in our life is to be the reason of each other's happiness be it husband,wife,father,mother,brother,sister,son,daughter be it any bond of life, these words will help you cherish every "present" in life in the most precious way possible sometimes these words can be the reason for the happiest changes in life.  Be a person cherished by your family and friends wish you all a very good day :-)

Presenting to you our storyteller Shelly once again.  she is found playing with the pebbles, sitting on the rock.  Suddenly something in her head reminded her of her soul penetrating passion storytelling and so the mermaid started to share a completely new story to the daffodils and dolphins. Since Shelly told stories of interesting human beings and also made a point to impart beautiful lessons through her stories, the daffodils, and dolphins sat ready as a child, eagerly nodding for the story.

So here is our Shelly for you taking a break from her pebble game to narrate a beautiful story of the young girl Lithika - A nineteen-year-old happy college goer unfortunately diagnosed with a rare eye disorder, requiring a surgery. It was a bright Monday morning. Lithika was admitted to a hospital for the surgical procedure where she finds an anesthetist, who is there to give her a local anesthesia injection on her troubled eye.

The young girl’s hands shivered as she heard a doctor tell her "This injection could be more painful than the usual but will help you bearing with the pain of the surgery". Lithika, being the strong-willed person that she was, underwent the pain without uttering a word of pain, though her eyes did well up with tears. Surprisingly even after using the anesthesia, her eyes would not stop watering, which made the doctor ask “is it still hurting?”. Lithika replied in negative. “Don’t worry" added the doctor with a pleasant smile, "you will be alright and your surgery will be successful. All the best!" His words were really healing the young girl, giving her the courage she needed immensely. "Thank you doctor" she replied back with a sigh of relief and happiness. Thereafter, the surgical procedure started and when it ended, it was a success indeed.
Today, when after a month, she had entered the doctor’s cabin once again, for a regular post surgery check, she looked better and more confident. As perfect as her name! But even today Lithika remembers how the simple words of the anesthetist gave her courage in the time of need, which always brings a smile on her face.

As she completed the story Shelly waved goodbye and took a dive as she has to meet her friends and join them to witness the water dance near the whirlpool.

To all my reader’s I have to say only one thing keep your words kind and pleasing as far as possible because you never know who it is going to heal and give courage at the time of need.  Until I meet you all with a new story and a fresh post stay blessed and take care. Thank you.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Vital visit to the world of Food With A Food Technology Blogger

Health is considered to be a great gift from God and it takes a lot of effort to maintain good health. It is very necessary because the body is the temple where your soul resides. Health and happiness are interrelated. Today's visit will be a new experience for all my readers. In specific we will get to know about food enzymes and their health benefits. Food enzymes are catalysts that speed up the biochemical reactions in the body. If biochemical reactions in the body take place properly good health is a guaranteed outcome.

Natural enzymes present in Fruits

Pineapple contains a protein-digesting enzyme called bromelain it has a powerful ability to break down proteins.
Papaya contains an enzyme called papain which aids in the digestion of protein. It is used in food industries for tenderization of meat.
Kiwi fruit contains an enzyme called actinidin that breaks down protein, gluten, and gelatin.

Apricots contain a treasure-trove of enzymes. One of the chief enzymes called invertase facilitates quick energy absorption by breaking down sucrose into glucose and fructose.

Avocado contains an enzyme called lipase that breaks down dietary fat.

Guava is also found to contain a lot of healthy enzymes if you cannot go for avocado or kiwi you can always go Indian. Guava contains oxidizing enzymes namely ascorbic acid oxidase,  polyphenol oxidase, and peroxidase. Guava fruit especially one with red flesh is found to strengthen nerves.

We will now know little more about fermentation an age-old method adopted for the production and consumption of healthy food. 
Traditional Indian fermented food curd contains a large amount of calcium and riboflavin known to prevent osteoporosis and has a lot of probiotic gut-friendly enzymes which help in good digestion. 
Idli: traditional South Indian steamed breakfast food made out of fermented rice and whole black gram flour has a lot of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help you be healthy.
Dhokla: North Indian fermented and steamed snack food made from chickpea flour.
Miso: It is a paste made from fermented soya beans that originated from Chinese cuisine it facilitates digestion because of the digestive enzymes present in it.
Raw kimchi: It is a fermented food of Korean cuisine loaded with lots of digestive enzymes.

Tempeh: Fermented cake made of soybean that substitutes meat protein.

Kefir: It resembles yogurt and made from milk and contains gut-friendly bacteria that aid in digestion.

Saurekraut:  cabbage is allowed to ferment in its own natural juice and fermented cabbage is a great choice when it comes to foods rich in enzymes. I hope new knowledge will lead to the new hope of a healthier life.

Get back to fermented foods and lead a healthy life. Want to know more about health, food technology and nutrition you can always do it go to the link http://foodsprobe.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Upgrade To A Better Version Of Yourself

     Give some time for yourself make sure you spend 15 mins each day for your well being. Make a routine of any exercise be it aerobics, yoga or anything of your choice that you enjoy and continue doing for at least four days a week. However busy you are just 15 mins of brisk exercise can keep you energetic the whole day. Music is one best way to relax that you can follow or a book you love to read will also go a long way doing this. However, self-help books are my choice because it enhances Positivity and Optimism in life you can read your favorite books as well. 
 Do something you love to do be it drawing, painting, writing, art and craft anything that you will enjoy and not get bored while doing this activity eventually becomes a passion and will help you stay the way you would like to be, that is in the best state of body and mind possible.

       Be good, laugh more and keep learning something good and new always and forever. Forgive as much as possible. The most important is to say Sorry when you should and say Thank You wherever needed as these words are the real gift to mankind. Don't discourage anyone if possible help them to come out of their obstacles and difficulties.

       Be compassionate to all because it is the best gift human beings can give to all the living beings that share the planet with them. Compassion can give hope, courage, and optimism to both the giver and the receiver. In India where culture, tradition, and values prevail why human beings do things which hurt other human beings be it violence against women or anything which hurts I really do not know why humanity has become a dormant quality in some human beings.
     Excuses that we make for being kind and compassionate, we need the concerned person to be related to us to show love, care, and concern. Isn't this the biggest ever mistake we do. Let us think,  let us change for good be it anyone let us treat them with humanity and compassion first. Always remember the pain and wounds hurt the other person the same way it does to you.

Shelly our storyteller is all set to make us feel happy with a story of  Indra and Sathya. Indra was very kind and compassionate she would go and readily help people whenever there is a need without a second thought. Sathya would always be hooked to her work and will only be concerned about her wellbeing. One day both friends were traveling together to their workplace. They, unfortunately, met with an accident. Indra escaped with some superficial wounds. But Satya got severely injured and had a lot of blood loss. She needed a bottle of blood to compensate. Doctors said they do not have the particular group of blood at their hospital that Sathya needed. Indra called up a few friends and within an hour there came a group of five people who readily donated their blood to save Sathya's life. As Sathya recovered she thanked Indira for her help. On that day Sathya understood the importance of being kind, compassionate, and helpful towards everyone. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Teachers of life #children

TRUST - The magnificence of this word can never be fully conveyed for it is the beginning of friendship, love, care, concern, bonding, and togetherness and it is the fuel with which the whole world runs.

     Every parent wants their children to become a successful person in life. They want them to rise up to compete and win the world.  As I write this I happen to remember a famous dialogue "life is a race run ...run.... but  parents have the full right to wish that all good things should be possessed by their children and I agree with them completely. But the way they pose these challenges to be a successful person as a burden on their children whereby they use the worst tool called comparison this should change completely.

         By comparing two individuals the one who is weak can never improve. Instead of boosting the talent it just hinders their way to success because they feel that the people they believed without a second thought in life (parents) are not believing in their talent. Comparison kills self-confidence in children which becomes a weakness for life long.
     My humble request to my readers is that keep encouraging your children and tell them they are the best and they can reach even the sky through persistent hard work. And each and every individual God created is unique and bestowed with some type of immense talent and that is why they are blessed with life on earth. 

     I would like to say parents are people with magical powers of transforming their children into successful people whose achievements are never-ending. I would get the fulfillment of writing this if only one parent is able to understand what I want to convey and be a milestone of success to their children.  There are so many important things that your children can teach you and they teach big lessons in a simple and easy way.

    It is inevitable truth that the happiest in the world are children because they are blessed people with most valued gifts from God. They don’t know to hide anything they just speak out their heart. They don’t have an ego which above a limit is an obstacle to a successful and happy life. 

     Whatever mistake they make they apologize immediately and surrender for love. Relationships would be stronger every marriage would be made in heaven and every couple would become made for each other if people could learn this from children. 

    Children always remain a cure to sorrow and they can fill colors of happiness even in the unhappiest place with their smile. They are bestowed with positive vibes and energy that does not allow them to give up easily on anything in the world.
     It is unambiguous that every child sees the world through God’s eye and the best way to make God happy is to bring a smile on as many children's face as possible. I also want to convey a very important message that it does not really matter how old we grow if we can open the window of our heart and cherish the child in us then we can surely live a happy life without regrets and would always laugh wholeheartedly like a child.

 Shelly the mermaid who is the storyteller in my blog is back after two days. She is ready to narrate a story about Maanasa an 8-year-old girl who went to attend the birthday party of her friend's sister. After the birthday party, the birthday girl and Maanasa had a conversation. priya being the elder said Manasa find one thing you are good at and try to make it better and better until you become best at it. Maanasa thought for some time and said "Priya didi how can I find what I am really good at if I dont keep trying new things every day. There isn't a joy in learning new things"? Priya thought maybe she has to learn the curiosity to learn new things from Manasa. Priya replied my dear you have to learn new things but see to it that you find what you like the most and practice it. After Maanasa left Priya thought children are special people as they have curiosity in abundance.

Monday, 22 April 2019

Six Faced God - Om Saravana Bhava

  Om Ganathipathayae Namaha. I start this devotional post with the blessings of Lord Ganesha. He is worshiped all over the world and believed to be the God of Good Beginnings.

     However, the hero of our post is Arumuga Kadavul Murugan - A well known and most worshiped God in Tamil Nadu is known to be the younger son of Lord Siva and Parvathi and also the younger brother of viknaharatha Vinayaka. It is believed that he originated from the third eye of Lord Siva. Six babies originated by putting together all the powers of Lord Siva and then they were taken care of by krithikaas or stars also known as karthigai pengal in tamil. All those six kids were joint as one God with six faces by his mother Goddess Parvathi. He was known for his handsome looks that is why the  Tamil people call him as Azagan Murugan
- The lord of beauty and his vehicle is the peacock our national bird. 

    Once it happened that the demons or Asuras prisoned Devas and treated them cruelly as slaves. The Devas including Indira went to Lord Siva for help. Asuras namely Anamughan, Panumughan, Simhamughan, and Soorapadman were really difficult to defeat in the war as Soorapadman the leader of the Asuras had a wish granted by Lord Siva that no power other than the power of Lord Siva can defeat him in the world. He was a great devotee of Lord Siva but had the bad intention of destroying the world. Lord Siva gave the duty of making the devas free by defeating Asuras to his son Siva Muthu Kumaran-Murugan. Lord Murugan can be addressed as Skandan, Vetri Velan, Swaminathan, Senthil Andavan, Karthikeyan, Arumugan, Shanmugan, and Sivasubramaniyan and the list are endless. Lord Murugan is a lover of mountains and we can find his temples on top of the mountains. Among them, Palani is famous because he went and stood there when he was denied the sacred fruit.

   Lord Murugan took charge as the army head of Gods and met the Asuras in the battlefield. He came as a new ray of hope to save the Devaas also known as inhabitants of heaven. He defeated the three Asuras who were brothers and son of soorabadhman. On the final day, Soorabadhman by putting all his powers together took a form of a tree. Lord Murugan defeated soorabadhman with a Sakthi vel(spear or Devine weapon) given to him by his mother Parvathi by which he separated soorabadhman who stood in the form of a tree into two halves. One half was converted into a rooster and another half into a flag and this is celebrated as the festival skanda Shasti marking the Soorasamharam. Indira Deva got his daughter Devasena married to Murugan to thank him for his noble efforts to win the war against the Asuras and set them free.

Lord Murugan is known for his perennial knowledge where he becomes a teacher and explains the meaning of Om the Pranava mantra or eternal truth of existence to his father Lord Siva.

     He married Valli the daughter of Nambi Rajan the king of the Kuravar tribe. He married her for the kind of love and devotion she had towards him. The two wives symbolize the icchha Sakthi and kriya shakti meaning the power of will and power of action respectively. Asuras depict the bad intentions and greed of man that has to be defeated in order to free oneself from the materialistic bonds of the world and get salvation. Kaavadi aattam, paal Kudam, Alagu kuthuthal are different ways by which devotees show their devotion to the Lord during the seven-day festival known popularly in TamilNadu as Skanda Shasti.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Regain Your Ray Of Hope

     Hope is an emotion that is vital to human existence. Hope can make you boom with happiness the very moment you feel it. Another important thing about hope is we lose it easily. Do not worry the happy news is that you can regain it. Hope can act as a seed you sow as a starter to your goals and aspirations. Hope can also act as fuel throughout your journey of life. Sometimes it also serves as a glimpse of light in complete darkness. For a person going through pain, hope is God.

Hope is the ability to trust and believe that good thing will happen. It is a positive emotion which is built upon unyielding faith that the future will be better. Hope, faith, and love are intangible assets but can still give a positive perspective about the world around you. Hope can give you a positive mind frame that can help you achieve your dreams.

    Make life an opportunity to create happiness and goodness. Have a positive attitude towards change. Celebrate small fragments of happiness and success and hope will continue to grow within you. Focus positively towards the opportunities that lie before you and see that you foster the emotion of hope and reach great heights. 

     Never forget the fact that Hope is always a source of strength. Lack of hope can break the spirit of a person so never be hopeless always keep looking for hope and no doubt you will find it. Never stop believing in the power of hope. Hope is the magic word that gives energy to people even when things do not happen as planned. Each new day is an adventure with hope. If your hope is strong enough it can inspire others around you.

If in case you have lost the ability to think that things will get better here are some simple practical ways to regain hope and become an optimist once again and will also help boost your inner strength and make hope glow brightly within you each day.

1. Have the courage to believe that those good things will happen once again. Have trust in yourself. Take help from your support system your family and friends. Your love for your family will help you bounce back with hope. A hearty laugh of your child, A hug from your life partner can really make a difference. These small things help you focus on what is great in your life. Reciprocate the loving care and concern that gave you hope to your loved ones this will make you a happy person.

2. Do not lose faith in the belief that you can regain hope and do not hesitate to celebrate hope, faith, love and success in all your accomplishments. Start to celebrate hope and you will find it in abundance because it is true that both child and God reside in the place where they are celebrated the most. Success celebrated becomes a fountain of hope that helps to move forward in life.

3. Realize what you have, identify the positive aspect of life and you will see that there are people who dream to live a life like yours.  You will find that you have numerous things to be thankful for. Gratitude has the power to regenerate hope inside you.

4. Focus on others and be compassionate the world is full of people who need support, help, and encouragement reach out to them make an effort to make their lives better. Be a blessing in their life. This rejuvenates the positive person in you and helps re-cultivate hope.

5. As human beings, we tend to think that the problem we are undergoing is the biggest and this thought shatters hope and makes it difficult to regain hope but if we look keenly we will find that our problem is small. When we look outside in the world we can find that we are much better and this can help us regain hope instantly to make our lives better.

6. The golden mantra to regain hope is to never give up. Always remember that everything happens for a reason. If it was an unpleasant experience always try to learn from it and grow out of it.

7. Reward yourself for the difficult path you have walked through to reach your destination. This will help find your inner glow and embrace hope once again.

Shelly is found having fun with her gang. Singing and enjoying herself. However, she takes a break and sits back on her favorite rock as it triggered her passion for storytelling. she started to narrate the story of Roshini. Roshini had everything a job, a happy family, friends, and fun but she always kept complaining about life. She always thought about the things she lacked.  She eventually became a pessimist. One fine day she joined as a volunteer in a home for the disabled kids. She noticed the happiness in the face of the kids and her perspective of happiness totally changed. Another day she saw how wholeheartedly they were telling their prayer of gratitude with a wide smile on their face. This completely changed Roshini into a positive person. She stopped complaining and started loving her life which never did before. 

Zenith Of Zestful Zeal

  There is power in laughter, there is eternal happiness in singing your heart out and dancing with the zestful zeal of energy. It would do...